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Our NEW Vogi Drains

Uniproof Shop now has a range of new shower drains available. Below are all the new products listed.

DUO Shower Channels

The DUO shower channels have a double-sided, reversible grate thanks to which we have a choice of two types of grate finishing. The grate can be tiled or flipped to expose the smooth surface.

Drain Vogi DUODrain Vogi DUO

We have two colour options, stainless steel and black:

View the Stainless Steel Vogi Duo Drain

View the Black Vogi Duo Drain

Dry Siphon

The DRAIN SIPHON has been designed exclusivley for the DUO Drains. When placed in the drain pipe of the wet shower trap, the siphon prevents unpleasant odours from escaping from the sewer system. It is recommended especially for bathrooms with underfloor heating.

ULTRA Slim Shower Channels

The ULTRA SLIM shower channels have a width of 25mm making for a modern and minimal look. They are available in 3 sizes; 70cm, 80cm and 90cm.

Drain Vogi Ultra SlimDrain Vogi Ultra Slim Black

We have two colour options, stainless steel and black:

Drain Vogi Ultra Slim

Drain Vogi Ultra Slim Black


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