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Why is waterproofing essential in wet rooms?

It is very important to waterproof your bathroom walls and floors prior to tiling to avoid potential costly damage to the building structure. Most commonly the waterproofing is carried out in bathroom wet zones (showers, baths etc.) Some projects include waterproofing of all walls and floors before tiling can commence.

Which waterproofing membrane should I use?

At Uniproof Shop, we have many different waterproofing membranes in range:

  • DRY 40 for indoor bathrooms and projects
  • DRY 50 for bathrooms, terraces and balconies up to 7.5m^2
  • DRY 80 for indoor projects with the highest standard desired for terraces, balconies and roofs bigger than 7.5m^2

All waterproofing membranes act as anti-crack membranes absorbing lateral movements in substrates. They also block any mineral migration from the subfloor towards the tilework that may cause staining.

How soon after fitting the membrane can tiles be installed?

If the waterproofing membrane is fitted with S1 Rapid Set tile adhesive, the surface is usually tileable in 2-3 hours. 

What type of wetroom floor drain suits best for my project?

Choosing the right floor drain from our range depends on many variables. The size of the tiles to be chosen, the amount of slopes desired etc. We recommend this to be agreed with your tiler and plumber before your project begins.

When should I use Revestech DYSO anti-crack membrane?

Revestech DYSO anti-crack membrane is designed to be used under tiled floor surfaces. It's main benefits are crack-bridging and protecting tiled floors, especially natural stone materials against rising minerals from subfloors causing staining and grout efflorescence.

Also, the use of DYSO matting is highly recommended when preparing the floor for large format tiling and/or on heated floors.

How much is the delivery?

Standard Delivery is €14.99.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

In normal circumstances, your order should arrive within 3-5 working days of the purchase date.

Is there a Revestech Product Catalogue?

Yes, the Revestech Catalogue for Showers is available on Uniproof Shop's front page as part of the footer. Enquiries to us can be made via email if you wish to purchase any of these items as a Special Order.