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Why Bathrooms Must Be Waterproofed Before Tiling

Two major reasons contribute to the failure of bathrooms:

  1. Older bathrooms often require complete refurbishment, primarily due to inadequate or entirely absent waterproofing beneath the tiles.
  2. Newly tiled bathrooms may start to leak if the waterproofing is faulty or missing. 


Necessary Preparation before installing Waterproofing Materials

In older bathrooms, it's crucial to remove and replace all materials damaged by water, such as rot or swelling, in both the floor and walls. Any remaining structures should be carefully repaired and reinforced as necessary. 

Similarly, for newer bathrooms, a thorough examination is required to detect and rectify any potential structural faults before the waterproofing process begins.


Advantages of Sheet Waterproofing Membranes:

Uniproof’s Tiling Team recommends using sheet waterproofing membranes as these products have higher quality characteristics compared to tanking paints.

These sheets are composed of three layers of factory-laminated membrane which consists of two polypropylene layers with one polyethylene layer in between. This unique construction offers extra protection to tiled surfaces reducing the risk of later-stage cracking. This is because tensions are minimised from the base structure towards the tiled surface.

The process of glueing the sheets onto the walls and floor is quick. When combined with the use of rapid-set tile adhesive, surfaces become ready for tiling almost instantly. This contrasts to the overnight waiting period required for tanking paint to cure.

Waterproofing Membrane for Bathrooms Premium. From €10.25 per/sqm



Making sure your bathroom shower walls are properly waterproofed is really important. Waterproofing ensures your bathroom upholds decades of constant use without any leaking issues. Check out our Uniproof Shop website for more information on our waterproofing products.