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Tile Backer Board
Tile Backer Board
Tile Backer Board
Tile Backer Board
Tile Backer Board
Tile Backer Board

Tile Backer Board

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Tile Backer Board


Uniproof XPS Backer Board (building panel) is the innovative alternative to traditional cement backers. They can be tiled with all types of ceramic, glass or stone tile whether they are mosaic or large format tiles. Especially large and thin tiles benefit from the durability of the Foam Backer Board and the smooth, even surface it provides.


Its HCFC-FREE waterproof XPS core, fiberglass reinforced and cement coating gives the panels strength and vapor-retardancy, making this Board the perfect choice for a variety of interior and exterior applications, such as the interlayer to walls or floors and the thermal insulation board in underfloor heating systems.

This Board is an underlayment for ceramic tiles, wooden floors and paralleled to wall framing applied in bathrooms, kitchens, underfloor heating systems etc.. The board can be fixed on the walls and floors with S1 grade tile adhesive or/and with stainless washers and suitable screws.  Waterproofing tape or sufficient waterproofing system should be used on joints between boards. Consumption of fixing washers for board (1250mm X600mm) with thickness 4mm-12mm = 10 pcs per sqm from board with thickness 20mm - 50mm = ca 6-7 pcs per sqm. The carcass (timber or metal) to be constructed with a step of 300 mm building board with thickness of 12 mm. For building board with thickness  20 mm or over, the carcass should be constructed with a step of 600 mm. Boards should be fitted in offset pattern. Boards to be sealed on receiving face and all edges with an acrylic primer.


  • 100% waterproof, made of HCFC-FREE XPS foam 
  • Takes the heaviest wall tiles
  • Close bond to any tiling walls or floors
  • Available at various thicknesses and sizes
  • Compatibility to multiple substructures
  • Thermal insulation for saving energy bills
  • Vapor retardant against mildew
  • Light-weight, easy to handle and cut with utility knife
  • Fast and easy installation


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XPS Foam Density - 32±0.02kg/m³
Thermal Conductivity - 0.033W/m.K
Compressive Strength (10% deflection) - 300kPa (30 tonnes/㎡)
Flexural Strength - 0.3±0.02Mpa
Water Absorption(2-day immersion) - 0.2% by volume
Water Absorption(Capillary) - Zero
Water Vapour Diffusion Resistivity(μ) - 110-225μ
Water Vapour Permeability - 0.028ng/Pa.m.s
Maximum Tile Loading Weight - 62kg/㎡
Flammability - Class E
Impact Sound Reduction - dLw = 21
EU Controlled Substances - None