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Waterproof External Corner

Waterproof External Corner

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Made In Spain

Sealing Membrane Cornerout DRY 50 REVESTECH for Waterproofing & Tanking Bathrooms and other Wet Rooms Floors & Walls.


Crack-bridging waterproofing corners REVESTECH DRY 50 consist of thermoplastic polyolefin laminated with nonwoven polypropylene on both of its sides. Coated with polypropylene fibers for optimal grip with the tile adhesive C2-S1, used in all installations.


Waterproof reinforcement DRY 50 Cornerout with thermoformed shaping to cover corners of 90 degrees. It works with all types of membrane sheets (DRY40, DRY50, DRY 80, DRY 120).
The watertight covering DRY 50 corners are intended to be installed under ceramic tiles and natural stones: 

  • in private and public shower rooms
  • in bathrooms
  • in laundry rooms
  • in toilets
  • on heated floor
  • for wall and floor applications
  • in interior areas
  • outdoors (balconies, terraces, courtyards)

The corners should be bonded to an even load bearing substrate using the appropriate tile adhesive C2-S1.


  • Fast & easy installation
  • Flexible
  • Crack bridging
  • High water vapour tightness
  • Good adhesion to tile adhesive
  • Chemically resistant


Outside Corner(s)


Composition – thermoplastic polyolefin laminated with nonwoven polypropylene on both of its sides
Appearance / Colour – yellow 
Storage Conditions – in cool, dry conditions in a horizontal position 
Overall Thickness – approx. 0,5 mm
Mass Per Unit Area – approx. 335 g/m²


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